Getting engaged in The Eternal City – Where to Propose in Rome
propose in rome

Getting engaged in The Eternal City – Where to Propose in Rome

Saint Valentine’s is upon us, and this year instead of giving you the list of romantic restaurants and boutiques, we’re going to give you a list of places in Rome, where you can pop the big question.
Rome is arguably the most romantic place on earth. With its old neighborhoods, winding cobbled streets, mesmerizing fountains, ancient monuments and stunning views. Countless couples visit Rome every year, and many of them are ready for the next, big step.
The question is: where, where do you pop the big question? There’s a myriad of places to propose in Rome, and in this article, we’re going to give you the top 10 spots in the Eternal City to ask your loved one to marry you. All 10 are located in the historical center of Rome, and all 10 are world-famous sites. Most of the names will sound familiar to you, to guarantee the success of this extremely important and tricky enterprise, you will have to pick the best place, timing, weather etc. Our job, in this case, is to give you the necessary insider’s tips and tricks, to make this endeavor not only successful, but memorable and unique as well.

So, let’s take a look at all the places and possibilities and let’s hope this post comes in handy in your pursuit of love and happiness.

book tours in rome#10 Trevi Fountain
Yes, this iconic landmark is on the tenth spot in our list, and for a very simple reason – it’s extremely crowded. Always! The place is not only full of tourists, but vendors, beggars, police and pickpockets. Most of the time the atmosphere is not romantic at all. The best time to see Trevi is early in the morning, and I mean really early. The chance are you’re going to be so exhausted waking up at 5am is out of question. But if you and your loved one are real early birds, proposing at Trevi Fountain, at 5am is for you!

#9 Spanish Steps
Yes, the symbol of La Dolce Vita, is at the bottom of the list as well, and You guessed it, for the same exact reason: CROWDS. So here, you have to use the same strategy as at Trevi’s. Go there really early or really late, do not propose at the bottom of the steps, but either in the middle or at the top of the staircase. Beware of the vendors and the pickpockets! You will probably get assaulted by the flower-vendors, and MEN, use it to impress your girl into “submission” by buying all roses from the vendors and showering her with them.

#8 Pincio, Villa Borghese
The terrace of Pincio Hill, overlooking piazza del Popolo, offers a magnificent view of the whole city of Vatican. This place is a bit less known than Trevi or the Spanish Steps, but IT IS GORGEOUS. Go there just before the sunset and wait till the sun gets on the same level with the dome of Saint Peter’s, the view is so hypnotic and mesmerizing, that the success is 100% guaranteed.

#7 Vittoriano a.k.a. Altare della Patria
Stunning monument in the very heart of Rome, the magnitude of Vittoriano is mind boggling in itself, but the rooftop is your aim. The rooftop terrace of Vittoriano, accessible by elevator (10 euro), offers a 360 panoramic view of the city. The only problem with this location is that Summer time it’s extremely busy, so you might have to wait in line, and you might lose the precious momentum. But if you’re visiting in fall or winter, the place is really quiet although a bit chilly, so dress warm.

#6 Piazza Navona
The most beautiful square of Rome, Piazza Navona offers almost limitless possibilities. Featuring 3 stunning baroque fountains, some of the best street artists, countless restaurants and bars. The piazza gets overcrowded during the day, especially around lunch time, but in the morning and evening the piazza is much less busy and the atmosphere is just magical.

#5 Pantheon
This marvel of ancient Roman engineering boasts the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. Pantheon is absolutely stunning at any time of day, but gets really crowded during the day, not so much in the evening. During the opening hours, and when it’s not too busy, you can pop the question inside the Pantheon, and at night, when the Pantheon is closed, the square, right in front of, is a perfect location to do so. If your loved one has a sweet tooth, take them to Don Nino or Fiochi di Neve for some amazing gelato and propose even before they finish their cone, to make it unforgettable for all senses including the taste buds :). If you love arts, then take your love to the far left corner, to the tomb of Raphael, get on your knee, and propose. The success rate at the Pantheon is about 95% 🙂

#4 Ponte Sant’Angelo
The most beautiful and romantic bridge of Rome, one of the most favorite places for locals to get engaged and/or to take wedding photos. Ponte Sant’Angelo is an ancient bridge to the Castle with the same name: Sant’Angelo. This is a very dramatic setup with an imposing castle in the background and the view of Saint Peter’s in a distance. It’s the bridge of love and lovers. Do it in the evening when all the lights are on and don’t forget to bring a bottle of prosecco to celebrate this wonderful occasion.
Get right in the middle of the bridge, with your partner facing the castle and surrounded by the statues of angels, get on your knee and pop the question. Success rate 95-96% 🙂

#3 Castel Sant’Angelo
Yes, the bridge to this castle is enchanted and just beautiful, but how about the castle itself? It’s ancient, yes, it’s very well preserved, yes. Is it enough? No. So why is it even on the list? Because of it’s terrace with a breath-taking view of Rome. It is worth a climb! Don’t do it on a hot day, do it in the morning. To be proposed to, on the roof of an ancient castle, across the river from the Vatican, surrounded by all this beauty, is probably the most romantic thing in the world. Success rate 98% 🙂

#2 Vatican
If everything else has failed, it’s time to pull out the big guns. The Vatican! We will have to dedicate a bit more time to this one, so bare with us.
Vatican can be divided into sections: Saint Peter’s Basilica, Vatican Museums, Vatican Gardens, Sistine Chapel.
During the high season March-November, all four places are extremely busy, but during the winter, it’s less crowded and more comfortable to be in, so plan your move very carefully.

Let’s start with St. Peter’s. The largest Papal Basilica in the world for many people this is the highlight of their trip and an absolute must on their bucket list. Here, success rate is really high, but you still have to play it right. If you burn that one, you’re done!
It’s free to enter, but the queue gets pretty long, and you don’t want to lose the momentum. You can opt for the square instead. However, if you are determined to propose inside the Basilica, consider taking a tour of the Vatican. Why? Well, because you can hit 2 birds with one stone: visit the Vatican and as all tours end inside Saint Peter’s, all you have to do is wait till the end of the tour, and you can even use the people from your group or your Vatican tour-guide to take beautiful photos of you proposing.
Another option is the Dome, yes it’s a stunning location, but you have to take few things into consideration. The climb to the Dome is pretty physically demanding, and you do not want your partner to get completely burnt out before you do the move. If you’re both young and fit, then no problem, but if not, be careful. Remember to play it safe.

Next is the museum. Vatican museums are vast, there are miles and miles of corridors and galleries, but there only few places where you can actually stop, take your time, get yourself together and propose.
These are the best places:
The terrace. It’s located on the second floor, pass the security and the turnstile, take the escalator and it’s there. Great view of Saint Peter’s and tons of room to make your move.
The Garden. From the terrace you can come downstairs to the Gardens, the place is just outstanding and the atmosphere is pretty magical.
Pine cone Courtyard. Large courtyard in the heart of Vatican. Stunning location. Rarely crowded.
The Octagon Courtyard. Small courtyard that houses the oldest statues in the collection. The place is absolutely marvelous.
Raphael’s Rooms. Private apartment of Pope Julius II, painted by Raphael, on the usual itinerary. Beautiful location although can be very crowded.

Sistine Chapel. High season and during the regular hours to propose inside the chapel is unthinkable, but in the early hours or after the closing, it’s pretty easy. The only problem is that you will have to book special tours for early morning and after-hours. Plan ahead and spend a bit more. It’s worth it!

To get engaged in the Vatican is pretty memorable.

#1 Colosseum and the archaeological park of Colosseum.

This ancient amphitheater is the most popular and the most famous Italian destination. Colosseum has withstood the test of time and nearly 2000 years of use and abuse. It offers absolutely limitless possibilities for lovers to pop the question and make it the most memorable experience of your lifetime. For that reason Colosseum is THE #1 on our list of places to propose in Rome.
Let’s talk about the Colosseum itself and then the archaeological park around it.
The areas that you can visit inside the Colosseum: Ground level, second level, Arena, Underground, Top Tier. The best places to propose inside the Colosseum: Arena floor, Top tier. Just imagine the effect of you getting down on one knee and proposing right in the middle of the arena of the largest and most famous ancient Roman building in the world. Success guaranteed!
The most accessible areas of Colosseum: ground floor and second level.
The most spectacular area of Colosseum: Top Tier.
Keep in mind that the arena floor, underground and the top tier are restricted areas, and require you to have a special ticket or a tour-guide, but this could be easily arranged.
Now let’s talk about the area around Colosseum, the area that you can visit and walk for free.
Right next to Colosseum, stands the triumphal arch of Constantine. Magnificent monument built in 4th century for the emperor Constantine. The little square right between Colosseum and the arch is the perfect spot to pop the question, you will have Colosseum on your left, the arch on your right and the foundation of temple of Venus (goddess of love) behind you. Another place that’s a big part of this archaeological park is the Capitoline hill, there’s a beautiful terrace as well with a stunning view of Roman Forum.
Now, how about the rest of places included in your Colosseum tour and/or ticket? Palatine and Roman Forum are much older than Colosseum, Palatine Hill is the place where Roman Emperors once lived, and Roman Forum is the nerve center of ancient Rome. The best spot to propose on the Palatine would be the balcony of Titus, an amazing terrace with an amazing view of Forum (it’s quite windy during winter and extremely hot during summer, but it’s worth it). The best place to propose in Roman Forum would be the center of Forum, near the altar where the body of Julius Caesar was cremated. In addition to these “big” places there’s a whole bunch of smaller, yet romantic locations all around the Colosseum and it’s surroundings, if you want to find out more about these places, drop us a line and we would be more than happy to help.

When planing your move you have to take so many factors into consideration:
• Time of year (weather, crowds, schedules, opening hours)
• Time of day, Trevi and Spanish Steps will be overcrowded during the day.
• Vendors, these guys are trying to make a living, so if you make eye contact with them, answer their questions or shake hands, they’re not going to let you off the hook that easy, so remember to ignore them.
• Location, in this post we have given you the most famous locations in Rome, for a simple reason: bragging rights 🙂 “My boyfriend proposed to me at Colosseum” sounds way better than “he proposed at Piazza Barberini” (not that we have anything against it, it’s a beautiful square).

Be smart and plan ahead, choose the right location at the right time, and success will be guaranteed.
If you have any suggestions or questions please leave them in the comment section. If you need help choosing the right place, just ask!

Safe travels and Happy Saint Valentine’s!!!


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