Useful Italian Words Part 1 Food
useful italian words

In this series of articles we are going to try and give you a few Italian words that you might need to know and will use in Italy. We will not go to deep into details, but will rather give you a basic understanding of some very important topics like food, transport, travel etc. The knowledge of these words will make your stay in Italy much easier and more pleasant.

Part 1 – Food.

Breakfast – Colazione

You can have your breakfast at your Hotel-Albergo or go to a Caffe-Bar. Italian breakfast is very light, it consists of a Coffee-Cafe and Croissant-Cornetto, when you order cafe keep in mind that by default you’ll be getting a shot of Espresso, if you want to have something larger and milder, like American style coffee, you order Cafe Americano, for Latte lovers order Cafe Latte. You can also have a Doughnut-Ciambella with your cafe. When you order your breakfast at the bar the Bartender-Barista will ask you Al Banco-At the Counter (standing up) or Al Tavolo-At Table (sitting down). In most cases your order will cost more if you sit to eat!


Italian lunch is also light especially if you are outside working or taking a walk or just enjoying the sites. For lunch you can have a Sandwich-Panino or a slice of Pizza and a Drink-Bibita, or a glass of Water-Acqua. Now pizza is a whole different topic in itself, but let’s have some basic names here: Pizza Bianca-White Pizza with no toppings, Pizza Rossa-Red Pizza with tomato sauce, also white pizza and red pizza is the pizza with and without tomato base with different toppings.


At the end of your busy day you might want to have a large, three or four course meal for supper. The Menu-Menu can be a bit confusing at first, but have no fear :), here are the sections of menu in English: Antipasti-Appetizers (Starters), Primi-First Course (pasta), Secondi-Second Course (meat, fish, poultry), Contorno-Side Dishes (salads, potatoes etc.), Dolci-Dessert, Bevande-Drinks, Pane-Bread (breadbasket will appear on your table, you can ask to take it away), Vino-Wine, Birra-Beer. To pay you Bill you ask for Il Conto. If you enjoyed your meal and would like to leave a little Tip you can leave La Mancia (Manchah) tipping is not mandatory, but always appreciated.

Let’s go into details now have few more useful words related to Food-Cibo (Cheebo)





Fish-Pesce (PESHE)













Sauce-Salsa (mayo, ketchup etc.)

Ice cream

You are done with your dinner and now it’s time for Ice Cream-Gelato, gelato in Italy is just amazing to learn how to find the best Ice Cream Shops-Gelateria read our article here.

These are just basics and to learn everything about Restaurants-Ristoranti and food in Italy you will need a lifetime, but these Italian words are going to make your stay in La Bella Italia so much more pleasant and make you look like a traveler rather than tourist.

In case we forgot to mention something please let us know in the comments.


January 30, 2018
UE Ragazzi...La parola colazione viene scritto cosi, colazione non collazione.
January 31, 2018
Well noted and corrected. Thank you.

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