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Metro Repubblica (Line A)
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Underground Rome Crypts Graves and Catacombs

Travel deep beneath the streets of modern city to underground Rome, explore the Roman crypts, graves and catacombs,and get a taste of the archaeological lasagna that we call Rome.

Join us on this journey to the underground Rome buried deep under the busy streets, and uncover the hidden treasures of this wonderful city and its glorious past. On this tour we visit three venues unlike anything you have ever seen.

The venues on this tour are easily the most fascinating venues of them all: underground crypts, ancient frescoes, burial sites, tombs of Popes and layers of Rome going all the way to the first century AD. And the best thing about this tour is that you do not have to use your imagination to understand how people lived and died nearly 2000 years ago in ancient Rome, you see it and feel it. Our groups are never larger than 15 people for this tour, and we physically cannot bring more people in at once, because we want you to experience everything first hand, be right next to the guide in these dark and macabre underground sites. We use headsets on this tour to make it even more interesting and easier to follow, and we use the best guides to make this tour really special for you.

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Our guide was a wealth of knowledge, the catacombs were amazing and the capuchin crypt was an eye-opening experience.


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We start with the ancient catacombs built in the second century AD, and located outside the city walls. Catacombs of Rome were excavated or dug by the ancient Romans to bury their dead almost 2000 years ago, they are extensive networks of tunnels in some cases 10-20 km long. With the help of your expert guide you will walk the narrow corridors of these ancient cemeteries, visit underground chapels and burial chambers, and admire early christian arts. The catacombs were dug when the Christianity was still illegal and Christians used these dark and cold, underground tunnels to secretly gather, pray, worship and evangelize.

The second venue is Basilica of Saint Clement, this place is perfect example of how the city was built over thousands of years. In this beautiful church you can literally travel in time, because there are four layers of history of Rome under one roof. In the second half of 19th century, during repair works, the workers discovered that there was something beneath the main building, the excavations began and lasted for nearly 50 years, the result was overwhelming even for the seasoned archaeologists. What they discovered was: a 4th century church on top of a 2nd century pagan temple on top of a public building built in the second half of 1st century. It was an incredible find that demonstrates perfectly the archaeological lasagna that is Rome.
The third and last venue is the Roman crypts or the Capuchin crypts. This place will leave you speechless! The Capuchin Crypts is a very strange place and yet it is a place of peace and meditation. In the first quarter of 18th century Capuchin monks who lived in the new Capuchin convent, had decided to decorate the crypts of the church with the remains of their dead brethren. Using almost 4000 skeletons they were able to produce a very macabre yet beautiful work of art. The crypts are a series of 6 small rooms, 5 of which are fully covered in human bones: chandeliers, clocks, hour glasses, skull and bones, altars, and many more symbols were created using real bones. For many travelers this place becomes an unforgettable highlight of their trip to Rome.


  • English-speaking, expert guide
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Step 1

Meeting time: 1:45PM

Step 2

Piazza della Repubblica at the exit of the metro (Line A) by the green kiosk

Step 3

Beginning of the tour at 2:00PM

Step 4

Venue number one: The Catacombs

Step 5

Venue number two: Saint Clement’s

Step 6

Venue number three: Bone Chapel

Step 7

End of tour Piazza Barberini 5:15PM

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  • English-speaking, expert guide
  • Skip the line access
  • Tickets
  • Headsets
  • Transportation
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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 14 reviews
February 7, 2020

Really great tour. We also did St. Clements on this tour. Dimitri is a really nice man. Very knowledgeable about everything he takes you to. You can ask him the most obscure question about it and he’ll have the answer. Highly recommend. I’ll book the rest of my tours in Rome with this company.

December 7, 2017

Roman catacombs are dark and spooky, just like we imagined, the time machine church was amazing and the bone chapel really creepy 🙂 very unusual, but interesting tour.

August 2, 2017

This tour is AMAZING! I already had this on my “things to see in Rome” list and worth every expectations! Our tour guide was superbe. The tour started on time from Piaza de la Republica includes 3 venues Catacoms of san Calisto , San Clemente Basilica and Cappuchin Crypts.Our driver Enzo was excellent.

August 1, 2017

This was the best tour we experienced during our trip. We enjoyed the Underground Rome Crypts Graves and Catacombs. We met the guide, Julie and the rest of the group in Piazza della Repubblica.The driver was already there and we started the tour on time. The first venue was The Catacombs of San Callisto right on Appia Antica with ancient frescoes, crypts and tombs of Popes. We stayed there 1 hour and then went to San Clemente Basilica, near Colosseo. This church has 4 layers with even a temple of Mythra.
The tour ends in the Cappuccini’s Crypts in Piazza Barberini. 6 full of bones used as clocks or chandeliers.
Thank to More of Rome and Julie our trip was special!!!

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