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1.5 hours
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Sunday, Tuesday, Friday
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Piazza Venezia
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Haunted Colosseum – Ghost Tour (ADULTS ONLY)

Join the brave few and venture on this 90-minute journey through Rome’s dark and troubled past. Learn about the horrendous crimes committed at the evil locations around the Colosseum, and walk the streets still haunted by the restless spirits of murderers, poisoners and their innocent victims. Hear the tales of bad boys and girls of ancient Rome, tales that will send chills through your bones.

Discover not-so-holy city of sin and vice, and see the icons of ancient world from a totally different angle.

• 90-minute guided ghost tour
• Small group (13 people or less)
• Expert story-teller guide
• See ancient city at night
• Discover the places only locals know

What you can expect on Haunted Colosseum – Ghost Tour

This tour is a perfect way to end your day!

We meet at the old brown palace called Palazzo Venezia, at 8:45 pm. The palace is located in the most central square of Rome: Piazza Venezia. Your group will not be larger than 13 people. You will see your guide holding up a sign with the name of the tour.

After a short check-in, you will commence your tour. Your professional guide will take you through the ancient streets and squares of Rome, and will keep you on the edge with the dark stories of Rome’s troubled past. On this 90-minute walking ghost and mystery tour you will cover the ancient city of Rome and places like Piazza Venezia, Capitoline Hill, Fori Imperiali, Monti neighborhood, Borgia Palace, Opian Hill to end the tour at the walls of the icon of ancient world – Colosseum.

This tour is perfect for people who love mystery and drama and for those who want to see Rome from a totally different angle.

On this ghost tour you will learn the stories that only the locals know, and the secrets that the Vatican doesn’t want you to know.


Step 1

Ancient Palace – Palazzo Venezia

Step 2

Capitoline Hill – Ghost of Caesar

Step 3

Romulus and Remus – The Mother Wolf

Step 4

Street of Forums – Fori Imperiali

Step 5

Monti – Where Caesar Was Born

Step 6

Palace of Borgia Pope

Step 7

Opian Hill – View of Colosseum

Step 8

Colosseum – Ghosts Of Gladiators
  • Local guide
  • Small-group ghost tour (13 people or less)
  • 90-minute walking tour

palazzo venezia, meeting point for haunted colosseum ghost tour

The meeting point is in front of Palazzo Venezia. You will see your guide holding up the sign with the name of the tour: Haunted Colosseum – Ghost tour.

haunted colosseum ghost tour featured image

Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 5 reviews
March 2, 2020

A great walk around the Colosseum area after dark. Great ghost stories.

February 15, 2020

Great stories at a great pace. Awesome view of Forum from the top of the Capitoline hill.
I would suggest you make it your first tour in Rome to discover some really cool places and learn some interesting stories.

February 15, 2020

A very cool night tour of the places and monuments around the Colosseum. Strongly recommend!

February 6, 2020

Camila was our guide on this tour, she was full of cool facts and info with a different side of viewing Rome, this was our firts tour upon arival, and we loved it! It really gives you the chills, I most defenetly recomend it, specially if Camila is your gide, she is kind and sweet and very knowgeble. There is alot of walking, so bring comfy shoes

February 6, 2020

Our guide Camilla was great. She made the tour fun and had a lot of information and history to share. It was not scary. Seeing all the sights at night was great and she took us ways we would not have explored on our own.

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