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2.5 hrs
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Monday, Wednesday, Friday
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27 via Veneto
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Semi-Private Tour of Rome’s Crypts and Catacombs

Explore the tunnels of the largest and the oldest Catacombs of Rome (Catacombs of Saint Domitilla) and visit the mysterious and macabre Capuchin Crypts with a small group (6 people or less) and expert guides. Small groups of 6 people or less, allow you for a much better, personal experience.

What is The Capuchin Crypt

Capuchin Crypt is often referred to as the Bone Chapel. It’s a series of 6 chapels, 5 of which are fully decorated with human bones, remains of the Capuchin friars, but not only. The Capuchin monks used over 3700 skeletons to decorate this bizarre place. The Crypt was visited by travelers, and writers like Mark Twain, Marquis De Sade, and Charles Dickens, and vividly described in their travel notes and memoirs. Macabre yet holy, dark yet peaceful an absolute must-see.

What are the Catacombs of Rome (Catacombs of Saint Domitilla)

Imagine a labyrinth of tunnels two times longer than the corridors of the Vatican Museums. Dug, built and decorated by ancient Roman undertakers nearly 2000 years ago. Catacombs are underground graveyards that once contained hundreds of thousands of graves.
The Catacombs of Saint Domitilla is the only Catacomb complex in Rome to have an underground basilica. According to tradition, the body of Saint Peter’s daughter St. Petronilla had been buried there as well. In addition to that, the Catacombs boast some of the most impressive sacred artworks from the times of the Roman Empire.

What you can expect

This guided tour is an unforgettable and unusual voyage to Rome’s past.

To understand Rome better, we have to travel into its underbelly, deep beneath the modern streets. You will begin with the fascinating and bizarre Capuchin Crypts. The residence and resting place of an extremely important, yet very enigmatic religious order. Discover a gruesome monument to life and death as you walk beneath chandeliers, canopies, and religious symbols made entirely of human bones.

After a short ride, in an air-conditioned vehicle, we arrive at the second venue – the Catacombs of Saint Domitilla.

What you will find absolutely mind-boggling about the Catacombs is the astounding scale of this underground cemetery. The underground tunnels stretch for miles. Your passionate guide will lead you into the heart of the catacombs and draw your attention to the most captivating artworks and artifacts. The Catacombs had been constructed in the second century, and hold some of the oldest sacred artworks in the world. You will cover the most important and the oldest parts of the Catacombs. You will find yourself inside the dark tunnels and burial chambers, surrounded by thousands of graves, and under the watchful eye of your guide, have a fully immersive, Indiana Jones experience.

You will find your driver waiting for you at the end of the tour to take you back to the center of Rome (Piazza Venezia or Piazza Barberini)

Throughout this tour, you will have the possibility to use restrooms and visit gift shops. The dress code for this tour is that knees and shoulders must be covered. Photography is not allowed!


Step 1

Meeting time: 9:45 AM

Step 2

We meet at 27 via Veneto

Step 3

Beginning of the tour at 10:00 AM

Step 4

Venue number one: The Capuchin Crypts

Step 5

Venue number two: the Catacombs

Step 6

Return to the city center

Step 7

End of tour Piazza Venezia or Piazza Barberini

crypts and catacombs of rome meeting point

Meet your guide in front of the entrance to the Capuchin church, at 27 via Veneto.

  • English-speaking, expert guide
  • Small groups (6 people or less)
  • Skip the line access
  • Tickets to all venues
  • Transportation
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