Best beaches near Rome It’s summer, and the high temperatures are not too kind, especially in August. The heat might leave you wondering what to do next on your trip to Rome other than walking around the city. However, worry not! You can literally never run out of things to do in Rome, especially during

Amusement Parks in Rome As we all know, Rome never gets boring. However, when you travel with children or teenagers, sometimes you end up looking at more fun things to do other than visit the museums or historical monuments of Rome. Give your vacation in Rome a twist by spending a day surrounded by water

Summer in Rome When spending part of your summer in Rome, it can get quite repetitive at night. Walking along narrow streets, grabbing a drink, eating out; it can get old, fast. Especially if it’s not your first time visiting the City, you might want to experience Rome like a local. There are many options

Budget traveling in Rome Traveling can be expensive. Once you book the place where you’re staying and the activities to do, what is often left out is transportation. If you don’t plan ahead, it can be quite complicated to navigate a city as big as Rome. However, we are here to give you a few

No matter if you’re a tourist or a local, if you’ve been walking around the center of Rome chances are that, in the middle of the day, you’ve heard a loud bang coming from the area. What you’ve been hearing every day at noon is a cannon. Yep – a cannon located right on top

Amongst the many beautiful estates built for the Roman nobility, Villa Torlonia is the most recent one and one of the most memorable. In its layout we can find a rich variety of buildings, each and everyone with their own character, crowned by the originality of its English styled gardens very rarely seen in Rome.

Your trip to Rome is bound to please your mind, filling it with its culture, your eyes with the perpetual beauty of its masterpieces and your heart with the romanticism and breathtaking landscapes…. but what about your stomach? The gastronomical journey in Rome is richer and more filling than you might expect and as you

Rome, with its streets, alleys and fountains, has been the perfect location to host quality movies producers, both local and international, since film making has taken its first steps. Among them, it is impossible to forget works that have become masterpieces in the history of filming. Just to mention a few ones: “Rome, Open City”

The Quirinal Presidential Palace, residence of the President of the Italian Republic and whose name comes from the hill on which it was built dominating part of the city of Rome, is one of the biggest palaces in the world (its extension is over 110 thousand square meters) and, for centuries, it had been the