Sovereign Military Order of Malta
keyhole view order of malta

The Order of Malta In Rome

As you’d expect from a big city, you can’t really run out of things to do in Rome. After visiting the most common sites in the Eternal City, you just can’t miss the main residence of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta (SMOM).

Symbol of the SMOM.

The Order of Malta: a bit of history

Founded in 1048 in Jerusalem, it’s a religious order of the Catholic Church. It is one of the oldest religious orders in the world. It originally came to life to care for pilgrims of any ethnicity and faith, with the name of Order of St. John of Jerusalem. Since 1291, the order acquired and lost its land various times, moving from Cyprus to Rhodes, to Malta, where it was finally given its own territory in 1530. In 1834, the Order definitively settled in Rome, from where you can admire its properties (and the view they offer) to this day.

Another location linked to the Order of Malta is Via Giulia, where you can find a big fountain (il Mascherone). The unique fact about this fountain is that it didn’t always supply water. In fact, in 1720, to celebrate the election of the new Grand Master of the Order, the street was all decorated and the fountain started to dispense wine. The celebration got so big that it lasted for more than a few days. You can walk past the Mascherone to this day, and if you want to know more about its history and origins, we recommend our Secret Rome Tour.

Fountain “Il Mascherone” in Via Giulia.

The Order of Malta on the Aventine Hill

This unusual destination is unknown to some, as the Order operates in many countries, assisting people medically, economically, and more. The unique place where the Order of Malta officially resides in Rome is on the Aventine Hill. There, it owns the Magistral Palace and the Magistral Villa. The view from one of the seven hills of Rome offers a perfect scenery for people who live there and for those who visit. A real hidden gem of Rome off the beaten path.

keyhole view order of maltaThe view you can admire from a keyhole of the residence of the Order.

Walking tour of the Aventine Hill and the Order of Malta

In 2018, the Order of Malta celebrates its 970th anniversary of the founding. As a religious organization, they keep working non-stop to help those in need and bring a message of peace in the countries where they operate. We highly recommend you visit their website, so you won’t miss any event organized in Rome. To know more about it and the Aventine Hill, you might want to take advantage of our walking tour of Aventine Hill & Order of Malta! We’ll guide you through unique places and breathtaking views. Take a moment to check us out!

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