Saint Mary of the People – Santa Maria del Popolo

Santa Maria del Popolo is one of those churches where you can travel in time as far back as 1099 when it was first built under the Pope Pasqual the II.
It stands on the very edge of the historical center of the city, right by the main northern gate of Rome called The Flaminian Gate, and it is the first place of worship for the pilgrims coming from the north. According to tradition, the church was built there to bless and exorcise the area around Pincio hill haunted by the evil ghost of Nero who was buried there. The construction of Santa Maria del Popolo was paid for by the citizens of Rome hence the name Saint Mary of the People.
The building itself embraces three major architectural styles: Neoclassical, Renaissance and Baroque, some of the most important Roman artists like Bramante, Raphael, Bernini, and Valadier had worked on the construction and reconstruction of this church throughout thousand years of its existence.
Santa Maria del Popolo contains very important works of art by: Caravaggio, Pinturicchio, Raphael, Bernini, Bregno, Marcillat, Algardi, and Bramante. The Chigi Chapel built by Bramante is the only existent structure designed by the great artist of the renaissance period Raphael.

The church is located inside Piazza del Popolo, metro Line A, Flaminio station.


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