Trastevere Neighborhood, Enjoy the Nightlife in the Heart of Rome
Rome nightlife trastevere

Rome Nightlife Trastevere

By walking along the cobblestoned streets of Rome, you’ll be mesmerized by the history and vitality of some peculiar areas. Born as a very humble neighborhood, Trastevere has by now established its charm and value in the Eternal City. The name comes from the Latin “Trans Tiberim”, which means “beyond the Tiber”, as it’s located right next to the river. This area’s main source of revenue used to come from artisans and merchants who produced and sold their own products. Nowadays, younger generations took over the neighborhood and the narrow streets of Trastevere, showing curious tourists a mix of old and new.

Night life in Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere.

Nightlife of Trastevere in Piazza Trilussa

What to do in Trastevere

When in Rome…do as the Romans do! While touring Trastevere, there are plenty of things to do to fully take advantage of your traveling days in the City. First off, why not stop by one of the many restaurants of Trastevere and taste the traditional pasta carbonara? Around the neighborhood you’ll be able to escape tourist traps and try the real Italian cuisine. After your meal, you simply cannot skip enjoing a sweet and cold gelato, especially during the heat of the summer.

pasta carbonara in trastevere

Pasta carbonara

Summer and nightlife in Trastevere

It’s always a splendid time to have a relaxing walk along the river Tiber. In fact, the long summer nights provide the perfect excuse to roam around Trastevere and enjoy its dynamic nightlife. For instance, the “Lungo il Tevere Roma” (“Along the Tiber in Rome”) yearly summer event will keep you entertained. Every night from 7pm between June 10th and September 3rd, there are many kiosks that sell food and drinks, along with hosting free movie screenings and art exhibits. You’ll be able to enter for free and find the kiosks in between Ponte Sublicio and Ponte Sisto (two ancient bridges of Rome).

kiosks in trastevere

River Tiber and kiosks

If you want to learn more about this captivating neighborhood, we offer tours of the area, including Tiber Island and the Jewish Ghetto. Don’t forget to check it out!


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