Rome, with its streets, alleys and fountains, has been the perfect location to host quality movies producers, both local and international, since film making has taken its first steps. Among them, it is impossible to forget works that have become masterpieces in the history of filming.
Just to mention a few ones: “Rome, Open City” by Roberto Rossellini; “Nights of Cabiria”, “The White Sheik”, “La Dolce Vita” and “Roma” by Federico Fellini; “Shoeshine”, “Bicycle Thieves” and “Two Women” by Vittorio de Sica; “Accattone”, “Mamma Roma”, “Teorema” and “The Hawks and The Sparrows” by Pier Paolo Pasolini; “Il Sorpasso (The Easy Life)” by Dino Risi; “Down and Dirty” and “A Special Day” by Ettore Scola; and last but not least, “The Great Beauty” by Paolo Sorrentino, which was awarded the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 2014.
The international movie industry has always shown great interest for Rome, which hosted dozens of successful movies (without considering the ones filmed at Cinecittà studios), such as the extremely famous “Roman Holiday”, directed by William Wyler in 1953. Then, among others, there are “Hudson Hawk” by Micheal Lehmann (1990), “Ocean’s Twelve” by Steven Soderbergh (2004); “Angels & Demons” by Ron Howard (2008); “Eat pray love”, by Ryan Murphy (2010); “To Rome with love” by Woody Allen (2012); “Spectre” by Sam Mendez (2015) and “Zoolander 2” by Ben Stiller (2016).
It is not unusual to meet Hollywood stars on the streets of Rome, some of them live here full time while others come to shoot or act. Rome is a beautiful city, and it is not a secret, but Rome is also  very versatile and divers, so one can shoot pretty much anything here: from ancient world to science fiction. Not too far from the eternal city there are many medieval and renaissance castles, villas and palaces which attract film makers from every corner of the globe. Filmmaking in Rome is a long tradition started by the great directors of the 20th century.