The Angry Pig or the best porchetta sandwiches in Rome
porchetta sandwich
best sandwiches in rome
Happy customers expressing their satisfaction by leaving notes and drawings on the walls of the joint.

Rome has so much to offer that sometimes it’s just overwhelming. Tons of things to do and places to visit in Rome, but very limited time to do it. Fatigue and hunger set in, and next thing you know you’re exhausted, you stop paying attention, wander off and get lost. To prevent this from happening, you have to be well nourished. But where do you eat if you only have, say half-hour between the tours? The answer is easy, you go to the hole-in-the-wall sandwich or street food joints of which Rome has plenty.

angry pig the best sandwiches in rome
The place is small, but pretty cozy. You can eat inside or outside.

In this quick post, I will talk about a place just like that, right next to the Vatican Museums, that’s both cheap and delicious. The name of the place might sound familiar to you, no surprise there, “Angry Pig” is visited by thousands of tourists every year.
Yes, the name of this sandwich shop is “Angry Pig”, and when you hear a name like that, you just know you’re at the right place.
Located just two blocks up the street from the main entrance to the Vatican Museums, Angry Pig is the most convenient place if you’re in a rush or in a mood for a great sandwich.

best sandwiches in rome
Their specialty PORCHETTA, and we all know that that’s what the good pigs become when they go to heaven:) These guys bring their porchetta directly from Ariccia, a little town in the Alban hills known as the birthplace of porchetta.
This juicy, tasty, succulent and fresh goodness stuffed in a panino – what could beat that?
The menu is very simple, and that’s exactly what you want to see at a place like this. Nothing fancy, about 10 choices of freshly made sandwiches with local products.
The staff is friendly and quick, the place is small and cozy, and the restroom is clean.

porchetta sandwich at angry pig
This very simple looking sandwich was amazing. Porchetta,, nduja and pickled eggplant. Calabrian flavors.

As I mentioned above, the menu is extremely simple, and the sandwiches are simple as well. The secret, just like with all Italian cuisine is the fresh ingredients. The menu consists of 10 types of sandwiches with flavors from different regions of Italy. The prices are very reasonable, if not cheap, especially for this neighborhood. Sandwich and a soft drink will set you back 7-10 euro.

Located at: Via Tunisi, 38, 00192 Roma RM, Angry Pig is open daily 11 am to 10 pm.



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