Limoncello The Sweet Nectar From Sorrento

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade?
Nah… who needs lemonade when you can have some Limoncello?!

There is a drink, an alcoholic beverage to be more precise, in the southern part of Italy, called Limoncello. It helps you digest and sleep after a late and very large Italian dinner.
The people of Campania region have been making this delicious liqueur for at least one hundred years, but only now it is beginning to get attention it deserves in the rest of the world.

The recipe for this heavenly nectar is pretty simple: lemon zest is soaked in alcohol to release the oils and the essence, and then this liquid is mixed with sugar syrup. It is usually made with the zest of Sorrentine lemons. You regulate the alcohol content by adding more or less syrup and water, and the flavor depends greatly on the temperature and the soaking time.
As mentioned above Limoncello is a digestive drink, consumed after a meal. It has to be served chilled and drank from chilled glass or ceramic cups.

You don’t mix this delicious lemony nectar with Red Bull!!! But you can smother your ice cream with it!
Limoncello can be clear and opaque, and hundreds of variations exist made with melons, strawberries, pistachios and so on. But the best and the real deal is the original Limoncello made with real, organic lemons from Sorrento.

Alla salute!