Things to Do On Halloween in Rome
Halloween in rome

Halloween in Rome

Halloween in Rome. Some used to call it “All Hallows’ Eve”. Point is, it’s definitely the spookiest night of the year. So many people all around the world celebrate it, and everyone has their own ways and traditions behind it. Although Italy is still not huge on celebrating Halloween (except for kids, of course), there are many old stories that can be linked to the Italian tradition. Moreover, as the years go by, more and more people get excited about dressing up (even adults) and more and more events are coming up and are not to be missed!

Halloween in Rome: Mysteries and Myths

One of the legends that surrounds this holiday is about Jack O’Lantern. He was a drunken guy who fooled the Devil so many times that, once he died, Heaven and Hell both rejected him. The Devil gave him a piece of burning coal in order to be able to see in the dark. Jack put it in a carved pumpkin, to make it last longer as he went on his way to find eternal rest.

Though this might be one of the original legends, there are very similar versions of it in religious Italian tradition as well. In fact, poor Italian families used to “celebrate” All Saint’s Day on the 1st of November. Then, those who went around and knocked on doors asked for some bread in exchange for prayers for the souls of the dead.

Halloween in Rome: Tips for a Fun Night

#1: Go to a club

In 2018, most clubs in Rome organize costume parties with music and drinks. All you have to do to celebrate your Halloween in Rome is look for the closest to you and sign up on the list you usually find on their Facebook pages. Alternatively, a phone call will do. Check out some of these clubs who seem to host very spooky events: Ex Magazzini, Ex Dogana, Circolo degli Illuminati and Vinile Club.

#2: Go trick or treating (kinda)

This might be the most suitable option for those who have children and are looking for a family friendly activity. Amusement parks such as Cinecittà World and Rainbow Magicland both host major events during this night, offering services for kids and special prices. If you want to know more about these Roman theme parks, you can find useful info on an article we wrote a while ago.

#3: Go out for a spooky and enchanted walk

We have to admit: as people who live in Rome, we might come off as a little bias. However, the scenery Rome has to offer on a cold and dark night of October really has few rivals. The stunning contrast between lights, moon and darkness will contribute to make Halloween in Rome an unforgettable night. Especially in the historic center of Rome, of course. You will be amazed at how many Romans actually dress up and put their costumes on for the occasion, just enough to go to places like Piazza Navona, Castel Sant’Angelo, Pantheon, walk around the Colosseum and the ancient city to get the vibe.

If you’re home sick, you can always go to Irish, Scottish, English or American pubs, where the beer never stops flowing and Halloween costume parties usually take place. The most famous pubs of Rome are: Scholar’s Lounge (Irish pub in Piazza Venezia), Drunken Ship (American pub in Campo De’Fiori) and the Finnegan’s (Irish pub in Monti neighborhood), for the events check out their websites.

If you want to be spooked a little bit more, we offer a secret mystery tour of Rome that will truly blow your mind.

We hope you enjoyed reading our latest article about how to spend a great Halloween in Rome. Leave a comment below if you have any more suggestions! Check out the rest of the guided tours in Rome we have for you, we’re sure you’ll find the one just perfect for you.


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