La Boccaccia great pizzeria in Trastevere
Great pizzeria in trastevere

What’s pizza al taglio

There are all sorts of pizzerias and pizza restaurants in Rome. Roman and Neapolitan, focaccia and pinsa, but the most convenient, especially if you’re just trying to have a quick bite, is pizza al taglio. In these joints, pizza is usually sold by weight, always freshly prepared and reasonably priced. Pizza al taglio is the most common type of pizzeria in Italy, and can be found from Genoa to Venice and from Milan to Rome. Pizza al taglio is the place to go for a quick lunch, or to order giant pizza pies for special occasions and, of course, this is where local kids go after school to grab a piece of pizza bianca (no toppings) or sweet pizza with Nutella.

Great pizzeria in trastevere

Great pizzeria in trastevere
This great pizzeria is just a hole in the wall. Scroll down to see its location on the map.

In this post we’re going to talk about one place in particular located in Trastevere, called La Boccaccia. La Boccaccia is a great place with a large selection of steaming-hot, delicious, mouthwatering pizza. Pizza here is cooked the roman style and the cooks put their hearts and souls in every single pie. This place is adored by the locals, but very often overlooked by tourists.

Rome restaurant pizzeria trastevere

The staff is always very friendly, helpful and fast, and the pizza is always soooo good.

Pizza by weight trastevereGreat selection of freshly made succulent pizza sold by weight.

Fresh pizza bianca or just a simple flatbread, sprinkled with salt and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil.

Here you can see the pricelist, pizza with or without mozzarella, stuffed focaccia, and seasonal pizza. Also at the bottom of the list you can see the ingredients that go into the pizzadough.

Pricelist for the drinks pizzeria in trastevereThe drinks here are very inexpensive. You have an excellent selection of soft drinks, beers and wine.

That’s what we had that day, as you can see places like this one are so popular because you can have a variety of choices and flavors at once. Here we have 15 euros worth of pizza (and two drinks) ; zucchini flowers, potatoes, sausages and cooked ham.

La Boccaccia on the mapPizzeria La Boccaccia on the map. Just a short walk from Piazza Trilussa in Trastevere.

Attention this is not a paid advertising nor endorsement, we just love La Boccaccia so much we thought you might like it as well. ENJOY!!!

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