4 Common Tourist Mistakes in Italy: Food Edition
common mistakes the tourists make

Common Tourist Mistakes

Language barriers can be a hassle for people who are not that used to travel around the world. In fact, it often happens that while you say something in your language, you actually mean a completely different thing in the language of the country you’re visiting. In Italy, this often happens regarding food – surprising, right? ;D. However, worry not, we’re here to help you! Keep reading to learn how to avoid some of the common tourist mistakes made while in Italy.

Common Tourist Mistake #1: “Let’s go to a bar for a couple drinks!”

Truth is, bars in Italy don’t sell alcoholic drinks. Well, some do, but it’s not the main product they serve. This can be a very common tourist mistake for some. What you want to find if you’re looking for a refreshing drink is a pub. A bar is a lot more like a café.

Common Tourist Mistake #2: “A latte, please!”

Have you ever tried to order a “latte” at an Italian café only to be served this?

glass of milk

This probably happened because latte in Italian literally translates to plain milk. Therefore, if you want an American latte, try asking for a “caffè macchiato”, “caffelatte” or “cappuccino” instead!

Common Tourist Mistake #3: “Why are there peppers on my pizza?!”

Chances are, if you’ve ordered a pepperoni pizza at an Italian restaurant, you ended up getting a pizza with sweet peppers on top.

Don’t worry, it’s not yours or the waiter’s fault. Again, it’s part of very common tourist mistakes. “Peperoni” in Italian means sweet peppers, whereas “salame” is what comes closest to American pepperoni. Also, you might’ve noticed that at a restaurant there’s no pizza size and usually everyone gets a personal one. Usually, that’s because the crust is usually really thin (at least in Rome!) and simpler in ingredients and taste.

Common Tourist Mistake #4: “I’ll have some Alfredo pasta, thank you!”

Alfredo pasta and chicken parmigiana. If you’ve ever said these words to an Italian chef, you’ve probably witnessed terror in their eyes.

Italian cuisine is made of fresh and simple ingredients. For this reason, you will hardly find recipes that put fried chicken on pasta and call them “Italian”. In fact, they are an Americanization of some older and simpler Italian recipes. However, don’t feel discouraged by the lack of familiar food and embrace the differences that make Italian food so tasty!

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