Chigi Palace of Ariccia
Entrance of Chigi Palace of Ariccia

Ariccia is a little town, located one hour away from Rome, in the Alban hills, in the national park called Castelli Romani, between two volcanic lakes: Lake Albano and Lake Nemi. Ariccia is about 2500 years old and because of its location it had been for ages a very important strategic point. In the end of 15th century Ariccia passed into the hands of Savelli family who started the reconstruction of the town and begun work on their family palace and many important buildings. In the 17th century it became property of one of the most important papal dynasties called Chigi family and the face of the town had changed completely with the arrival of the genius of architecture Gian Lorenzo Bernini, who together with his talented student Carlo Fontana completed the construction of the Chigi Palace, built The Church Of The Assumption, and the Piazza di Corte.

The Chigi Palace of Ariccia is a lavish, baroque villa that remained virtually unchanged since its creation in late 17th century, it houses a very important art collection of baroque period, transferred there from The Chigi Palace of Rome which has been sold to the Italian government and became the Council of Ministers. Adjacent to the palace is a large park initially created for hunting and later became the place for leisure for the Chigi family and place of inspiration for artists.

For many years Ariccia became a haven for the artists coming from all around the world. Such artists as Turner, Corot and Ivanov came to Ariccia to paint its beautiful landscapes, the lakes, the parks and the bridges.

The town is famous for such monumets as the Chigi Palace built by Gian Lorenzo Bernini and Carlo Fontana, and The Church Of The Assumption also built by Bernini and his school. And it is also famous for its food: various types of pasta, cured meats, porchetta (roast pork) and great wines. Here you can taste real Roman cuisine in the little, family run tavernas called fraschetta.


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