Top 5 restaurants in Rome The Top 5 restaurants in Rome is a real challenge to identify, as the city could be considered one huge, open air restaurant! Nevertheless, we have managed to find the most delicious ones in town in order for you to plan your meals in advance and be sure to taste

In this series of articles we are going to try and give you a few Italian words that you might need to know and will use in Italy. We will not go to deep into details, but will rather give you a basic understanding of some very important topics like food, transport, travel etc. The

When in Rome do as the Romans do and have an Aperitivo! Aperitivo or L’aperitivo is that time of day when you finish working and meet up with your friends and colleagues to go out and have a drink or two and some finger food, bites or nibbles. The tradition is very strong in Italy

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Nah… who needs lemonade when you can have some Limoncello?! There is a drink, an alcoholic beverage to be more precise, in the southern part of Italy, called Limoncello. It helps you digest and sleep after a late and very large Italian dinner. The people of Campania region

Your trip to Rome is bound to please your mind, filling it with its culture, your eyes with the perpetual beauty of its masterpieces and your heart with the romanticism and breathtaking landscapes…. but what about your stomach? The gastronomical journey in Rome is richer and more filling than you might expect and as you

The Roman Castles area is full of history dating back to Ancient Roman times, when farmers and breeders coming from the countryside and headed to the Eternal City to sell their products, stopped to eat and rest in hostels and taverns. One of the favorite places of those headed to Rome was the old village of

One of the Italian food par excellence is the mozzarella di bufala (buffalo milk mozzarella), which has become a must have for tourists who love eating well and, above all, healthy. This food still hides a little mystery about the arrival of buffaloes in Italy. There are many hypotheses about it. Some say that the

The art of coffee in Italy The coffee, for the Italians is not only a drink capable of giving you a boost of energy or to revitalize you after a long day’s work. To have a cup of coffee- at home or in the bar(cafe) is a ritual that can also be a perfect occasion

The birth of Pizza Margherita. Pizza is one of the most ancient recipes in the world and definitely the most popular one. Ancient Greeks, Etruscan, Persians and Romans thousands of years ago, had dishes similar to our modern pizza, flatbread with different toppings, both sweet and savory. The modern history of pizza begins in the