Best Markets in Rome As you’ll have noticed, it’s almost impossible to visit Rome in just a few days. That is, of course, because it has so much to offer. However, if you’re staying for the weekend, we highly recommend you visit some of the best markets in Rome. This way, once you go back

Christmas in Rome If you booked your trip to Rome during Christmas time, you’re in luck! Of course Rome is stunning at any time of year, but on Christmas, Rome is full of magic that will make your stay unforgettable. Read on to learn more about the Christmas season in Rome, as well as Christmas

Vegan Places in Rome Traveling to a foreign country can be hard if you need to follow certain dietary restrictions, or just want to for ethical reasons. To the eyes of many, Rome is the home of amatriciana or carbonara pasta, foods that contain meat, eggs, or both. However, Rome is so much more than

Common Tourist Mistakes Language barriers can be a hassle for people who are not that used to travel around the world. In fact, it often happens that while you say something in your language, you actually mean a completely different thing in the language of the country you’re visiting. In Italy, this often happens regarding

What’s pizza al taglio There are all sorts of pizzerias and pizza restaurants in Rome. Roman and Neapolitan, focaccia and pinsa, but the most convenient, especially if you’re just trying to have a quick bite, is pizza al taglio. In these joints, pizza is usually sold by weight, always freshly prepared and reasonably priced. Pizza

Top 5 restaurants in Rome The Top 5 restaurants in Rome is a real challenge to identify, as the city could be considered one huge, open air restaurant! Nevertheless, we have managed to find the most delicious ones in town in order for you to plan your meals in advance and be sure to taste

In this series of articles we are going to try and give you a few Italian words that you might need to know and will use in Italy. We will not go to deep into details, but will rather give you a basic understanding of some very important topics like food, transport, travel etc. The

When in Rome do as the Romans do and have an Aperitivo! Aperitivo or L’aperitivo is that time of day when you finish working and meet up with your friends and colleagues to go out and have a drink or two and some finger food, bites or nibbles. The tradition is very strong in Italy

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Nah… who needs lemonade when you can have some Limoncello?! There is a drink, an alcoholic beverage to be more precise, in the southern part of Italy, called Limoncello. It helps you digest and sleep after a late and very large Italian dinner. The people of Campania region