Secrets of Pantheon. Pantheon is arguably one of the most iconic buildings of ancient world, but there are still few things about this place unknown to majority of people. 1. Although the inscription on the facade reads “Built by Marcus Agrippa” the building that you see today was built by Hadrian around 126AD. The Emperor

After fifteen years, the greatest and most prestigious touring exhibit on the history of videogames finally arrives in Italy. Born in 2002, Game On’s first edition was hosted by the Barbican Centre in London. The viewers have the possibility of running through every major step of videogame’s history, since 1962 to modern days, thanks to

Public fountains of Rome – whose first installations date back to 1874 – are records of the past, resisting through time. They are called “nasoni – big noses” (a popular name due to the similarity of the water tap with a big stylized nose) and there are 2,500 of these public fountains left, two hundred of

Rome, with its streets, alleys and fountains, has been the perfect location to host quality movies producers, both local and international, since film making has taken its first steps. Among them, it is impossible to forget works that have become masterpieces in the history of filming. Just to mention a few ones: “Rome, Open City”

Piazza Navona is one of the most beautiful and fascinating places in the center of Rome. Its current aspect is a consequence of the patronage from one of the most well-known patrician families, the Pamphilis. Through it, they wanted to celebrate their nobility, which had been overshadowed by the political and social rise of their

Public transportation in Rome – How to use Buses, Metro, Tram. Even though Rome is a very large city , it has only three subway lines: Line A (red line), Line B – B1 ( blue line) and Line C (green line), and many bus lines that cover the metro area. Subway lines run from

Rome on bicycle – The best way to see Rome. Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but it is also one of the dirtiest and most polluted cities in Europe. The city is trying to fight pollution by limiting the traffic in the historical center, and by promoting the use

Driving in Rome can get pretty hectic and stressful at times. Italians are calm and laid-back at the point A and at the point B, but between point A and point B they are always in the rush, always stressed and are very anxious to get to the point B as fast as they can.

Lotto stands. Fun fact about the lottery stands in Rome. These stands are usually located in the tobacco stores, and they have very “important” for players books called :”Encyclopedia of Lotto” or “Encyclopedia of Dreams” on how to interpret your dreams, they also have books called “Encyclopedia of Numbers“, all these books are supposed to