Budget traveling in Rome
budget traveling in rome

Budget traveling in Rome

Traveling can be expensive. Once you book the place where you’re staying and the activities to do, what is often left out is transportation. If you don’t plan ahead, it can be quite complicated to navigate a city as big as Rome. However, we are here to give you a few tips about budget traveling in Rome that will make your life and stay easier.

Budget traveling in Rome by car

Undoubtedly, picking a car as your main form of transportation is convenient, as it gets you anywhere with little to no limitations. Though, renting a car can be a pain if you don’t book it far in advance. In order to meet your budget traveling needs however, there are more than a few options for you to choose from. First of all, many websites offer last minute deals on rental cars from the airport. Secondly, instead of paying for parking by the hour, you can stop by any “Tabaccheria” and buy a monthly parking pass.

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Here you can buy tobacco, parking passes and metro tickets. Remember to only park within blue or white lines; yellow lines designate disabled parking spots.


Thirdly, another helpful option for budget traveling is car sharing. In Rome, there are three major companies that offer this service: Enjoy, Car2Go and Share’nGo. They all offer similar prices and allow tourists to reserve their cars as long as they have a valid drivers license. Traveling options start from 10 cents per minute up to 30, depending on the deal you’re booking.

enjoy car offer budget traveling car2go car offer budget traveling sharengo car offer budget traveling

Lastly, if you’re a woman traveling by herself at night, Taxi offer a 10% discount on their fares.

Budget traveling in Rome by train

The fastest budget traveling option for you is traveling by train. In Italy, you can travel through two major companies: Trenitalia and Italo. Trenitalia is a public service, while Italo is a private company. Make sure to book your tickets in advance on their official websites to avoid tourists traps. We also advise you to subscribe to their newsletter to take advantage of special deals of up to 70% off regular tickets. On Italo, you’ll always travel on high speed trains, while you have different options on Trenitalia. “Regionale” trains are slower as they stop often along the way, while “freccia-“ are high speed trains that will get you almost anywhere in Italy in no time.

do budget traveling through trenitalia do budget traveling through italo

Speaking of budget traveling in Rome, check out our tours to make your stay in the Eternal City unforgettable!

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