Secrets of Pantheon. Pantheon is arguably one of the most iconic buildings of ancient world, but there are still few things about this place unknown to majority of people. 1. Although the inscription on the facade reads “Built by Marcus Agrippa” the building that you see today was built by Hadrian around 126AD. The Emperor

Capitoline Hill Of Rome – Campidoglio Since the beginning of Rome’s history, the Capitoline Hill has been the center of all the city’s power; it was chosen based on the position of dominance the hill had overlooking the vast valley Rome was just starting its life on. The Capitoline hill was not the highest amongst

When in Rome do as the Romans do and have an Aperitivo! Aperitivo or L’aperitivo is that time of day when you finish working and meet up with your friends and colleagues to go out and have a drink or two and some finger food, bites or nibbles. The tradition is very strong in Italy

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade? Nah… who needs lemonade when you can have some Limoncello?! There is a drink, an alcoholic beverage to be more precise, in the southern part of Italy, called Limoncello. It helps you digest and sleep after a late and very large Italian dinner. The people of Campania region

Amongst the many beautiful estates built for the Roman nobility, Villa Torlonia is the most recent one and one of the most memorable. In its layout we can find a rich variety of buildings, each and everyone with their own character, crowned by the originality of its English styled gardens very rarely seen in Rome.

Your trip to Rome is bound to please your mind, filling it with its culture, your eyes with the perpetual beauty of its masterpieces and your heart with the romanticism and breathtaking landscapes…. but what about your stomach? The gastronomical journey in Rome is richer and more filling than you might expect and as you

  The 2nd of June is closing in and year after year Rome is starting to dress up for a very important occasion: Republic Day As we know the Eternal City hosts all kinds of events fanning from fashion shows to political meeting of international importance, religious celebrations, art exhibits and a lot more; yet

One of the largest art galleries and palace in Rome is the Doria Pamphilj Palace. It houses a staggering number of paintings and furniture that the noble family Doria Pamphilj, started collecting in the 16th century at the apex of their glory and highest position in the society. In its ranks, the family counts the

Major Papal Basilica Saint Mary Major There is a church on the Esquiline hill, in Rome, called Santa Maria Maggiore or Saint Mary Major. This church is one of four major papal Basilicas and the largest Marian church in Rome. Every year, on August the 5th something strange and beautiful happens around this fascinating church: