As you all know by now, Italy has been hit really hard by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Many of you, who had planned and waited for this trip, trip of a lifetime, had found all museums, attractions and world-famous monuments closed. Is it disappointing? Yes. But, if you’re already here, in Rome, you might as well

Dear reader, Hello again. Have you had cicoria yet? No? Well, I do recommend that you get on that if you want to be ready for the most romantic time of year in a very romantic city: Valentine’s Day in Rome! Sure, you might not equate dark leafy greens with the celebration of love, but…

After a long wait and countless rumors, Starbucks has made an announcement: “Yes, we are opening our first store in Rome.” The location is still not clear, but most likely, it will be near the Vatican Museums. There are talks about a second store opening near the Spanish Steps as well. The first location is

Dear readers, hello there. Or, should I say, buongiorno / buon pomeriggio / buonasera, depending on when you find yourself reading this. I am delighted to cross paths with you here. My name is Christina (pardon the ‘h’: I’m Canadian) and I am pleased to meet you. Piacere di conoscerti (or conoscerLa, as the case may be). Since this

Rome has so much to offer that sometimes it’s just overwhelming. Tons of things to do and places to visit in Rome, but very limited time to do it. Fatigue and hunger set in, and next thing you know you’re exhausted, you stop paying attention, wander off and get lost. To prevent this from happening,

I have searched the web, and have found these incredibly profound travel quotes, written by some of the brightest writers, philosophers, poets, travelers, and dreamers. We cannot travel physically, but our minds have no bounderies. Dream on. Enjoy! “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”― Lao Tzu “Wherever you go becomes a

In 1950, the Vatican had made a very bold move in an attempt to find the tomb of Saint Peter. The Vatican has always said that the “Prince of Apostoles” had been buried in a pagan cemetery, and now, despite the fear of damaging the foundation of Saint Peter’s, the workmen were sent to the

  1. VolcanoesOf course, not something that pops in your head while planning your trip to Italy. However, Italy is a very volcanically active country boasting 48 active, inactive and dormant volcanoes. Think Pompeii, they didn’t care about volcanoes either. 2. EarthquakesAnother thing that you must take seriously when traveling to Italy. Earthquakes are frequent

After the fiasco of Obike and Bee Bike in Rome, we thought to never see another dockless bike sharing service, ever again. But, just a couple of weeks ago, we started noticing bright red and very cool looking bikes around the center.Yes, it’s a new dockless, ELECTRIC bike sharing by UBER!!! WOW!!! UBER in collaboration