BiPiù: the to-go App when you travel with no spare change
app BiPiù

Traveling often means carrying little to no cash with you. When you do, changing currency usually leaves you with high-denominations bills and very few coins. You end up having to break a €20 bill only to have enough change to buy a metro ticket. We’ve all been there, we know the struggle. Luckily, there is now a new public transportation service in Rome. Thanks to it you’ll be able to buy your tickets with a credit card: BiPiù.

BiPiù app

The app

What’s BiPiù?

BiPiù was first introduced in 2015, but it’s only now starting to take over due to the increased popularity of paperless tickets. Through this service, you can buy public transport tickets, including one-day, two-day, three-day and monthly passes, at no extra cost. You can also stack on tickets (max 20). This way, you’ll finally skip the line at ticket machines and avoid keeping change on you.


How does BiPiù work?

To use BiPiù all you have to do is download the apps TabNet or MyCicero on your phone and link your card to the app. Afterwards, feel free to buy as many tickets as you need and keep one ready to use. Whether you’re getting on a bus or the metro, the process is very simple. You just click on the ticket and scan the QR code on the bus (or metro) so it will activate.

BiPiù on TabNet                                   BiPiù on MyCicero

TabNet and MyCicero are the apps to download to use this service

Where can I use BiPiù?

You’ll be able to use BiPiù on every bus, tram, metro line and any other vehicle that belongs to the Metrebus network. This service will guarantee a whole new experience for tourists on buses and subway in Rome. Transport in the City has never been more convenient!

rome bus with BiPiù app

A typical bus along the streets of Rome

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