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Welcome to the Morning Tour of Roman Catacombs Crypts & Graves

On this early morning tour of Rome we visit some of the most fascinating venues in the city. You will skip the line and avoid all the crowds.

We begin the tour at 8:30 AM, before the arrival of the crowds, and we start with the ancient Roman Catacombs built in the 2nd century AD, this underground cemetery is one of the biggest and the oldest in Rome. You will follow your guide into the narrow tunnels of the catacombs to discover how the ancient Romans were living and dying nearly 2000 years ago, and to admire some of the earliest Christian art works known to men.

The second venue of this tour is a church with a twist. Located in the center of the city, this wonder of Rome is a perfect slice of what we call: “Archaeological Lasagna”. Your guide will surely mention the nickname of this Basilica: “Time Machine”. You will literally travel in time through the layers of ancient Rome, because this church has four layers, going deep underground: 12th, 4th, 2nd and 1st centuries AD in the same building.

The third venue is unique, it is the world-famous Bone Chapel or Capuchin Crypts of Rome. Built in 1600’s and decorated with real human bones in 1700’s, the bone chapel is a reminder of our swift passage on this planet. This place is unlike anything you have seen in Rome, macabre yet peaceful, it offers a great insight into the life, philosophy and the teachings of two of the most important religious orders in the world: Franciscan and Capuchin orders.

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  • Small groups
  • Expert guide
  • Skip the line
  • Tickets to the venues
  • Headsets
  • Transportation

There is a dress-code for this tour: Shoulders and knees must be covered

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Step 1

8:30AM- Piazza Repubblica

Step 2

9:00AM-Beginning of the tour

Step 3


Step 4

10:45AM-Saint Clement’s

Step 5

11:45AM-Capuchin Crypts
  • Small groups
  • Expert guide
  • Skip the line
  • Tickets to the venues
  • Headsets
  • Transportation
roman catacombs

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