8 people max
visitor max num
3 hours
meeting time
Week days
Piazza Trilussa
meeting point

Pottery workshop in Trastevere is a great occasion to make your own unique souvenirs and explore one of the most ancient and enchanted places in Rome.

This activity kicks off with a short walking tour of Trastevere. Your guide will meet you in the center of Piazza Trilussa and will take you down the narrow cobbled streets to get you acquainted with this charming and enchanted neighborhood. Your guide will point out the places of interest like bars and restaurants where you can have your lunch after the workshop.

The walking tour of Trastevere will last about 30 minutes. Your guide will then bring you to the workshop and help you prepare for the main activity. Each guest will be given their work station, apron and clay, and with the help of the owner of the shop – professional potter, you will knead, beat and roll the clay and start making your souvenirs. The most popular souvenirs made at the workshop are: clay tiles with images of the most iconic monuments of Rome that can be easily incorporated into the design of your kitchen, and ceramic postcards.

The duration of the pottery workshop is 2.5 hours approximately, you will spend this time in a company of your small group. This fun activity is perfect for families and people of all ages and levels. Even if you have never worked with clay before, you will most definitely enjoy getting your hands dirty and making something unique that will last a lifetime.

Hot drinks like coffee and tea are available as well as the facilities. This pottery workshop is family friendly and wheelchair accessible. After the workshop the guide will walk your group back to the meeting point and suggest the best places for lunch or dinner, help you get a taxi or explain how to get back to your hotel.

It usually takes three days to finish your objects, the clay must dry and then be fired in a kiln. You can either come back to Trastevere and collect your souvenir at the shop or we can collect it for you and ship it over to your home (shipping and handling charges at your own expense). The price of this pottery workshop in Trastevere includes walking tour, pottery class and cost of all materials.


Step 1

9:25am-Meet Your Guide

Step 2

9:30am-Beginning of the tour

Step 3

9:30am-10am-Walking tour of Trastevere

Step 4

10am-Arrive at the workshop

Step 5

10am-12:30pm (approx)-Duration of the pottery workshop
  • Walking tour
  • Small group
  • Professional guide
  • Pottery workshop
  • All materials
  • Professional potter
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